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        “In my paintings, I like to capture objects at a very spellbinding moment with the fluctuations of light and dark to remind viewers of the beauty in everyday life. My goal is to imbue the viewers with rich sensations; something will last through time and touch people deeply.”

       "I don't paint opulent decorations; I don't paint things in a beautiful and prosperous way. I paint the vicissitudes of things brought about by the passage of time. 

      I paint faded, I paint decay, I paint moldy fungus, I paint aging and withering, I paint the essence of the world which people try to ignore but cannot escape."



       Born and raised in China, Amber began drawing in childhood. Her father, a renowned Chinese Brush Painting artist, has taught her basic painting skills. Amber has developed her unique style of Chinese Brush Painting, specializing in painting flowers and birds.

       Amber has been a resident of Alabama since 2010. She has been studying Western Art History while traveling and visiting most of the major art museums in Europe over the past decade. In recent years, Amber has been deeply engaged in still-life acrylic painting. Inspired by the method of “Chiaroscuro”, she likes to create paintings with a strong contrast of light and dark.  Amber’s artworks have been made chiefly to experiment with a favorite color contrast, or to explore a fascination with the behavior of light.


Inspired by the Spanish artist Goya and the French artist Chardin's still-life paintings, Amber explores themes of death and deterioration in her paintings.


Her artworks are in every way unlike traditional still life paintings, they are raw and brutal, provocative in their simplicity and directness.

Amber's paintings are at once both macabre and stunningly alluring.

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